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Your BMW Deserves The Best Service On The Market Today


Expert care is always available when you take your BMW to an authorized center. BMW offers comprehensive care and service programs at an authorized center for as long as you own or lease your car. When you have bmw service greensboro performed at a center, it means only BMW trained technicians will complete the work with genuine parts. Packages that are available can cover maintenance work and wear-and-tear repairs and can last up to ten years. The result of these programs is an enjoyable ride that’s hassle-free without the concern of common breakdowns occurring.

The BMW Service Inclusive Package will cover all maintenance work. This also includes BMW original parts or oil. The services the plan covers are:

  • Engine oil service or top-ups.
  • Standard scopes and vehicle checks.
  • Replacement or service of the air filter.
  • Replacement or service of the fuel filter.
  • Service or replacement of spark plugs.
  • Replacement of brake fluid.
  • Service or replacement of the micro filter.

In addition to the items included in the BMW Service Inclusive Package, the BMW Service Inclusive Plus Package also covers:

  • Replacement of front or rear brake pads or discs.
  • Replacement of clutch if necessary.
  • Replacement of wiper blades when performed during an engine oil service.

Regular maintenance and bmw service greensboro have huge benefits to owners. Purchasing original BMW parts can be costly if an owner is not working with a reputable dealer. Any maintenance and wear-and-tear work will use original BMW parts at a fixed rate and warranty entitlements will remain in force because the BMW mobility guarantee will be preserved. The various packages give an owner the freedom of choice they need and can be transferred to the next owner of the vehicle. This feature helps to secure the value retention and the coverage can be upgraded or extended at any time.

If you buy a new or used BMW, it is always worth checking with a BMW if your vehicle qualifies for a service plan. Even if the car is beyond the mileage allowed, a BMW service center will still give you competitive pricing. You’ll always know up front what you’re paying for so there are no surprises.

BMW M550i vs Mercedes-Benz AMG E43

bmw-m550iThere’s a common expression that many car enthusiasts use nowadays, “M now stands for ‘marketing’”. Essentially, what they’re saying is the BMW’s M Division has become so diluted and focused on expansion that it’s forgotten to make rear-deal performance cars. A lot of the reason for this is that BMW has been slapping the “M” logo on cars that aren’t real M cars, cars like the BMW M240i. Except, it isn’t just BMW, as Mercedes-Benz has begun slapping “AMG” badges on cars that aren’t real AMGs. So let’s take a look at this AutoGuide battle between each brand’s lesser M and MAG variants, the BMW M550iand Mercedes-AMG E43, respectively.


Both of these cars are sort of the baby-variants of the proper, big-boy bruisers. Still, though, both cars are very fast and both have miles of luxury. So let’s take a look at both cars. Under the hood of the AMG lies a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter V6, which makes 396 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. That biturbo engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. So it can get from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, which is proper quick.


On the flip side, the BMW M550i uses a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that makes 456 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. So it’s significantly more powerful but needs a bigger, heavier V8 to do so. That mighty engine is paired with an eight-speed auto and also powers all four wheels. The M550i has been clocked at getting from 0-60 mph 3.9 seconds, so it’s quite a bit quicker than the AMG. However, when it comes to handling, the AMG might have the advantage of having quite a bit less weight over its nose.

In terms of ride and handling, the BMW M550i is really smooth, comfortable and stable. It’s also not a bad car in the handling department, either. However, its near 200 lb weight penalty makes it feel less enthusiastic than the AMG. There’s a bit more body roll in the M550i and it just isn’t as athletic as the AMG. Blame the extra weight of that V8, as the extra weight over the nose will make its front end less likely to bite well, more likely to understeer and reduce confidence it its steering. Which is a shame, because the 5 Series is normally a competent and good handler and, normally, better to drive than the equivalent E-Class.

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2017 Mercedes-AMG GT: How Beautiful Styling & Impressive Performance Works Out?

Mercedes-Benz has always acquired a smart trick which has indeed worked out for them. However minor the changes are, they have given a new name to the updated model. That might not only increase the lineup but also help their audience select their preference with a specific model name. So, two years after the spectacular GT coupe rolled out in the market, the Dalmier group announced that they will be coming up with a high-end drop top derivative, the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT.

Mercedes Benz service

While the last year’s version was simply dubbed as the GT S, this new model has been given the name simply GT. Ask any guy from the Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro, and you would hear the same suggestion from all- if you’re looking for a new car at all that has got a 3 pointed star on the hood, nothing can be cooler than the all new 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Now, why would all of them repeat the same words? Is this what the brand markets as their catch line? Even if this justification is being taken to be true, how can you even ignore the sleek styling, amazing engine and the great performance that the model features? It is the perfect combination of all these factors that have actually made GT, the new flagship couple in the entire range of models that the brand comes up with.

While carrying out some of the research work, most of the Mercedes Benz service centers have identified one interesting fact about the AMG GT. They say that this new model actually picked up its specifications right where the SLS AMG left off. However, there are two distinct changes that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Firstly, the unique gull wing doors that the SLS had are completely gone and replaced with the traditional doors that Mercedes-Benz has always had. And secondly, the entire price tag is completely different. In fact, the GT has completely missed the convertible variant that SLS provided; however, the brand confirms it to be out in 2018 soon.

Performance has always been great for Mercedes-Benz and it needs no special mention. The standard turbocharged 4-liter V8 engine underneath the hood makes bigger power and it has never felt uncomfortable to offer 456 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. If that’s the performance of the base level, the top end GT gives 502 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.

Are these figures surprising you? Never mind, just check out the brand you’re reading of, and all confusions will be gone in a minute.

BMW Greensboro NC

2017 BMW 530i- A Complete Redesign or a Big Refresh


BMW lovers are completely crazy about the sports cars, and it is their critical eye that actually forces the brand to be specific about their models. The entire 2017 has been about the 5 Series for BMW, and when compared to the rest of the outgoing models, BMW Greensboro NC believes that the 530i has found the most improved performance, dynamics, and a better steering feel. It is undoubtedly mature and the maturity is not just in the performance on road and feel, but also on the distinctive styling both in and out. At the first glance, it might not look different from the previous models that have already hit the road, but when taken a closer look, you get to feel the difference one by one.

Most of the Sedans that BMW has ever come up with have always featured the thin chrome accented surround across the grille, but as far as the new 5 Series is concerned, it gets a chunky frame which still now has proved to be quite attractive. While there might be some confusions at the first glance between the 7 Series and 5 Series since quite a few designs in the 5 Series finds the cue in 7 Series, but they can be distinguished with a better look at it. Unlike the earlier models that have already hit the road, the new 530i finds the headlights which have been attached to the grille.

As it is rightly said, nothing can beat the expert’s eye. Those who have been dealing with the service, maintenance, and BMW repair Greensboro for years have found out the noticeable changes on the side of the car. The door on the left side of the earlier models always had a large cut out which cannot be ignored under any circumstances- this is what has been completely waived off in the new 530i that is yet to hit the market.

The entire evolutionary trend has also been carried within the car as well. There’s a new dashboard design that has been craftily made, and even the new gear shift has made it quite noteworthy. Be it the two zone climate control, or the ambiance LED lighting, or even the 12 speaker surround sound system, the standard goodies have not been ignored at all. So whether you call it a redesign or a refreshing touch, it is only for the good of the brand. Make sure you never fail to appreciate it.

Land Rover Greensboro

An Overview of the Fastest Land Rover Ever- the Range Rover Sport SVR


There have been stories written across the world, where one single man proves to be equal to thousands of others, and their feat gives them some distinction in the society. Similar is the story of Jaguar’s chief engineer, who not only designs it but also test drives each and every model before rolling out. And in return, he collects all the accolades that he receives from the Land Rover lovers because nothing can be a more integrated and enthusing ride ever than the Land Rover Range Rover Sports SVR.

A great trick that has worked out immensely for the Land Rover Greensboro is their collaboration with Jaguar and together coming under the umbrella of Tata. Hence they had to prove the synergy through one of their models, and Range Rover Sports SVR rolled out with the same intention. Designed and engineered to deliver the best ever performance and on road capability, the SVR has been able to stand as the exemplary model which defines the ultimate status of high-end performance models, luxury editions, and bespoke commissions.

The exterior of the body is built perfectly strong, and the all aluminum uni-body shell technology has allowed shedding the weight required for an enhanced architecture. The entire automobile industry has been of high opinion about the design cues of the SVR, and it’s true that Land Rover Greensboro NC has taken it to a completely new level. As you know, it is a Sports car, it had to look so. To complement this approach, the model comes with 21 inches five split spoke wheels, side vent, the grille, and the SVR badge which emphasizes the bold credentials.

Just like any other high-performance vehicle, even the SVR has been shaken down and pushed through all the extremes, but it never seemed to disappoint anyone and made each and every performance just a bundle of fun. So why wait for anything else when the Sporty SVR has got you completely covered?


When you find these kinds of Mushrooms, it’s bad news. No, we’re not talking psychedelic fungus, but rather a common problem affecting the BMW E46 3-Series (as well as the BMW 3 Series). Unfortunately, the fact is, the OEM strut towers of your BMW E46 3-Series are a weak point of the car’s suspension and chassis, and so the forces acting on your shock absorbers or coilovers are also acting on the strut towers, flexing them slightly and slowly but surely stretching them out. Ironic that despite its great handling, the wear and tear on the BMW E46 Suspension itself is the problem.

The end result of which is more stretch than the elastic of Peter Griffin’s Tighty-Whities. Take a look at this example Mushrooming on an E46 with just 36k miles on it (Image via Rogue Engineering):

So what’s happening here?

BMW Engineers have long been in a struggle to shave weight wherever possible as they’ve added more and more features to the 3-Series – starting back with the E36, with the advent of CAD design and accurate fatigue modelling, BMW created a lightweight chassis that could withstand the load of the STOCK suspension without deflection or deforming, allowing BMW to make the materials of the shock tower area itself as thin as is possible while still retaining the strength to withstand the load of the car’s projected lifespan.

What this means is that because of the thin materials, if you increase the loads on the towers (ie by installing stiffer, lower springs or coilovers that transmit more load than the OEM shocks), the shock towers can’t stand up to the forces it is being subjected to. With the car sitting lower, the potential for bottoming out the suspension is much greater as well – so when the car bottoms out on something like a pot-hole, the force thrusting upwards causes the strut tower to “mushroom” open, bending the strut mount studs outwards.


Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to the problem. Simply fitting a set of these OEM BMW E46 shock tower reinforcement plates corrects this issue and gives the strut towers the strength they need to withstand the stresses sent through the chassis and prevents the issue. Of course, if your shock towers are already mushroomed, unfortunately it’s too late for reinforcement plates and more aggressive means will be necessary to correct the mushrooming.

At just $18.99+shipping for a pair, these are so cheap, as a piece of OEM BMW PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, there’s really no excuse not to have them – and infinitely cheaper than fixing your strut towers once they’ve already mushroomed. Sold in pairs of two – it’s important to remember ALL FOUR of your strut towers suffer from this same structural flaw – these are something you should STRONGLY consider before converting to coilovers.

What’s that squeaking noise in the trunk?

As we’ve mentioned, the rear towers as just as problematic – flaws in the original BMW design leads to the failure of the bushing as the inner metal sleeve and rubber bushing separate, causing speaks, rattles, clunks and deflection of the rear shock mount. Rogue Engineering offers a fantastic set of beefed up rear shock mounts that can actually cope with the stresses placed on your suspension by the less-than-perfect roads in the United States.

To correct the weakness of the rear towers, Rogue Engineering developed their own Rear Shock Mounts that mount to the top of the rear shocks with 30%-stiffer-than-oem bushings instead of race-only spherical bushings sometimes used. At $98.95, these mounts are also a relative bargain, compared to the cost of repairing the rear tower once damage has already occurred.

Interested in ordering a set of OEM BMW Front Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates for 1999-2006 BMW E46? Click here to get yours..
Interested in ordering a set of rear shock towers from our  BMW Greensboro store, click here for more info

BMW Greensboro

The 2017 BMW Z4 Concept- Long Way to Meet Expectations of Smart Cars

Even though its the Z4 that is ought to roll under the BMW tag, experts are of the opinion that they should have badged it Z3. Because, going by the simpler terms, the Z4 concept vehicle is nothing but the reincarnation of the Z3 roadster which was on the market way back in the 1990s. However, the bulky hardtop has been shed, and as an alternative, it is guessed that an electrically operated soft top will be found in the Z4. As a result of it, the cargo volume is ought to increase by almost 50 percent which has been highly praised by BMW Greensboro lovers.

BMW Greensboro

Just like all the new rear wheel drive vehicles that have already rolled in the market under the BMW tag, even the next Z4 receives the CLAR architecture, the adaptive dampers, and the optional M Sports Kit. The wheel size has been restricted between the 17 inches and 19 inches, and bigger brakes somewhat make it safer. Till date all the information that has been retrieved, the Z4 is supposed to come in three different versions.

The base version of the Z4 is expected to have the 2.0-liter turbo inline four engine which currently is capable of delivering 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. Similar engines are already present in the BMW 320i, and hence the figures have been tested to be true. The next trim, Z4 M40i, will be possessing the straight 320 hp, 340 lb-ft straight-six engine that is found in the 340i. Even though not confirmed from any source, the brand is likely to come up with the Competition package for sure.

The BMW service Greensboro confirms that it is going to shed away all digital unsmart attitude that the current version of the Z4 has and hence is definitely going to find some appeal in the market for sure. Long back in 2011, BMW and Toyota have entered into a partnership to show the world some finest auto-vehicles, and this can be considered just one of them. It is only a matter of time, how far these concepts can be materialized and to which extent the world accepts the latest innovation.

Audi repair Greensboro NC

Choosing the Better One Between 2015 Audi Q7 and 2017 Audi Q7

Audi repair Greensboro NC

Irrespective of the popularity of a model, the auto manufacturing companies never fail to redesign them every consecutive year. Customers never feel satisfied with the same specification for years, and they actually look for something new, and this is the reason why Audi had to reconsider completely redesigning the Q7 in 2017. In spite of being immensely popular, the market demanded of something new, and this proves once again that evolution is the key to every improvement.

Even though there’s not much change in the styling factors, there has been some major improvements both in and out. Since the monthly premiums are obviously high for the Audi Q7, it is to be noted that whether these changes in the car are worthy enough to pay the premiums or not. However, most of the representatives at Audi Greensboro ask their customers to run a prior check of the key difference before buying one.

From outside, the latest version of the Q7 is nothing but an evolutionary model of the predecessor. So if anyone is expecting any of the radical designs, then there are chances of being highly disappointed. But the inside of the car is what makes it immensely attractive, as it is expected to come with no mistake. The new pop up infotainment section in the middle of the dashboard has been placed much higher and definitely larger than ever before.

The control section placed at the center has been redesigned, and since the dimension more or less has been kept the same, the interior room of 2017 Q7 finds no major change. But experts in automobile designing and Audi repair Greensboro NC never fails to mention that the third row of the vehicle has been made much more accessible. However, the base models come with a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 that is comfortable to make 280 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

Car lovers have always loved better gas mileage, and hence the Q7 TDI has been the most favorite of all trims as that boasts 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 engine touting a figure of 240 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. So going by the specifications, there might not be major changes as such, but still, deserves one of the top spots for those who are looking forward to buying a new one.

body shop Greensboro

Emergence of ASE Certified Technicians- Wizard For Your Luxury Vehicle


The hide and seek game is over; it won’t be any matter of chance to find qualified technicians who will be taking care of your luxury vehicle. No more guesswork, no more treasure hunting, and the entire responsibility is now taken over by the Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit institute that carried out a national program.

They have been testing the automotive professionals every year based on the technological excellence and proficiency. Till date, the figure has already crossed 400,000 and with that achievement, they have been accepted nationally across the industry. As a matter of fact, ASE certification is now considered as a standard to determine the quality of auto body shops Greensboro NC and they strive to achieve it every single day.

As the method of certification is not at all a lenient one, certified technicians are considered to be of premium quality. A written exam with two-year work experience is what the certification program demands and individuals passing it are given the Master Technician status. And just passing it once in your lifetime doesn’t give you the credit to work. A re-test after every five years is considered to be compulsory to ensure the acquaintance of the technicians with the latest technological development.

The repair establishments and the service and maintenance centers, who have even one ASE certified technicians are given the authority to display the ASE sign. All these qualified technicians are being provided with essential credentials ensuring their expertise in the specific work areas. Most of the body shops Greensboro prefer having these certified technicians as it allows them to maintain the quality of service provided to the customers and also help them gain the faith in the industry. As there are specializations in the automotive repair works as well, the certifications even help the car owners to find the right set of men that is needed for the same.

With the technology under the hood getting subtle, requirements of repair and services have even changed. ASE certification is the only way this can be ensured with complete satisfaction.

Land Rover Greensboro NC

Beat All Your First Drive Experience With the New 2017 Land Rover Discovery

The first model of the Land Rover Discovery was launched way back in 1989, and the only reason why they came up with the new 2 door truck was because it could easily compete with the less expensive models that already ruled the market. It was definitely cheaper than the Land Rover Range Rover flagship range but maintained the on road capability of the bigger siblings. However, there’s no way denying that the Discovery from Land Rover Greensboro was agiler and positioned strategically to fit the lifestyle accessory.


It has been three decades already, and after this huge time gap, the brand has finally come up with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, which has become more popular in the market as Disco. Within this span of 28 years in the market, the brand has only come up with three different generations of Discovery, and each of the updates has been designated by a completely new series number. As the latest launch is the fifth major development brought in by the brand, Land Rover has termed it as the Series 5.

The latest trend of the crossovers is to bear the capability of carrying everything and everyone within and help them transit everywhere on this planet. Land Rover Greensboro NC couldn’t wait anymore to respond to this growing trend, and the 2017 Discovery is capable of fitting in luxury and utility in one concise package. The soft touch material that have been used within the vehicle is just what the passenger compartment needed, and the aroma gives half of the pleasure while sitting within.

Those who have had the test drive accepts the fact that seven adults can easily sit themselves comfortably. The Intelligent Seat Fold Technology developed by the British brand has just made it easier. The seats can automatically fold, stow, move back and forth allowing the passengers to make room for themselves easily.

Hundreds of miles have been driven for testing and across weather conditions that ranged from extremely dry to warm, cold and thickly foggy. Whether you climb the altitude, or cruise through the smooth highways, the crossover would just wring you out. ‘Active’ is what defines the new Discovery and make sure you discover much more than what’s described over here.

Mercedes-Benz service

How Mercedes-Benz Waves Off the Long Waiting For The 2018 X-Class for 2018

Gone are those days when renowned brands used to make vehicles only for luxury because they have realized that it is not just mere luxury, rather necessity to have vehicles for daily purpose. Even the industrial belts rely a lot on the heavy duty trucks to have their stock traded to different corners of the market. Mercedes Benz service realized that serving the luxurious market will not help them strengthen their market under all circumstances.

Mercedes-Benz service

Hence, lands the trucks which not only enable heavy pick up loads for the tradesmen but also ensures hi-tech performance on road as well. But as of now, they have already started ruling and it only gets better this year as the German giants have already revealed their X-Class pick up truck which can claim to be the mist hi-tech compact pick up truck till date.

This time, Mercedes-Benz has waived off the restricted range of models as they want their vehicles to suit all the variant tastes and budget of their customers. Right from the fleet version which will be possessing the vinyl floor, to the premium prestige edition which has got two significant leather trims and an I-Pad display, Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro NC is all set to meet the expectations of their customers belonging to every single stratum of the community.

Experts in Mercedes Benz repair Greensboro NC are highly excited as they expect to find the first automatic braking technology in these pickup trucks which is indeed an important addition. Even the engine choice makes it comfortably larger- the Nissan sourced twin turbo 2.3 liter four cylinder diesel couple up with two different power options allows both the six-speed manual transmission and the auto guise as well. It is the reference of the Nissan Navara as the foundation of the X-Class that helps Mercedes to accelerate the concept into reality and floor the industry with hi-tech giants.

Volkswagen Greensboro

A Trimmed Up Season For Car Enthusiasts With the 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport

Volkswagen Greensboro

The ultimate motif for any car brand is to come up with models which prove to be fit for a maximum number of people in the market. However, there are very few of the lot, and Volkswagen GTI Sport is one such brand that proves to fit the purpose for most of the people in the market. With only hand counted models meeting the refinement of GTI, Volkswagen service finally makes it possible to help these vehicles deliver versatile performance that turns out to be a fun drive. Obviously, there are reasons why the GTI Sport turns out to be the most obvious choice, and for 2017, the extra trim level makes the category a near perfect for many.

Sitting just above the S model, the 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport really matches the lifestyle of a major lot. While the base model seems to be fine, but Volkswagen lovers are used to a complete range of features within, and it actually lacks a couple of those. As the competition gets tougher daily, the base level falls short on multiple grounds, and hence Volkswagen Greensboro NC prefers moving up to the Sports trim for further consideration.

The GTI Sports trim finds a set of Bi-Xenon headlights, the keyless entry with the push button start available in both the transmissions and most importantly the GTI performance package. The moonroof has been avoided, and the navigation system which proved to be outdated in the earlier versions has been completely replaced. As the moonroof has been taken away, the vehicle has automatically lost some weight and that has increased the headroom with lesser complexities as well.

Earlier, Volkswagen Greensboro referred to the leather seats in GTI models, but that didn’t prove to provide ultimate comfort. So the heated tartan patterned seats were incorporated in the latest GTI Sports and enhance the comfort to a great extent. With all these factors being mentioned, the performance of the GTI Sport should not be ignored at all. There’s a bigger break in the Sports than what came in Golf R, which is completely controlled electronically and hence finds better torque sensing as well. There has been a jump in the horsepower as well, but when compared in the light of updates brought for 2018, this is definitely negligible.

The GTI Sports is the only model which combines both the performance package and cloth seats. For those who only keep performance their key factor, there’s no point looking beyond the GTI Sports.

BMW Greensboro NC

BMW Engages their Customers With Futuristic Interior Design in Next Gen Cars


Just like any other industry goes through a change in the way they do business, the automotive industry has had its own share of evolution as well. While most people looked after the technological aspects of the autonomous vehicles till date, there has been some shift in the approach as well. Now along with performance, car enthusiasts are also looking for comfort and luxury within the vehicle. Even self-driving vehicles are considered to be the future of the industry rather than the autonomous technology itself.

BMW Greensboro NC didn’t keep themselves much behind this growing trend and quickly came up with the first glance of how this futuristic car would look like. There’s the Inside Future Concept car revealed by BMW which was definitely breaking the trend. While the traditional concept vehicles had the entire exterior and full hood, BMW’s body lacked the entire structure. The motif behind this new approach was quite clear, the designers wanted the audience to have a clear view of the fresh look that has been incorporated over here.

With four wide seats enhancing the level of comfort, the throw pillow on a row just adds to it. And yes, how can you even miss it? There’s a special book shelf in between the front and back rows for the bookworms to find their quality time. However, BMW has not missed to include the Holo Active technology just when the vehicle tends to project a 3D image onto the console.

The previous year has been pretty great for BMW as they have come up with multiple concept vehicles with the futuristic notion in mind. Along with 9 million connective vehicles on road, the BMW repair Greensboro has also got better with time, which is a record for the brand in itself. They have been pioneering the global connectivity with these smart vehicles and the latest digital systems that have been integrated only go on to prove their motif. Smart driving is what many brands have already given the industry, BMW is ready to deliver intelligent driving for the first time.

Land Rover Greensboro

Highest Total Quality Award Brings In A Validated Market to the Range Rover Evoque

With Land Rover earning the third position quite strategically in the Total Quality Index, it pushes the Range Rover Evoque to earn the top position in the near luxury SUV segment. Quality has always been the ideal issue in any product based industry, and a strong commitment to delivering quality service and products have always given the brands the necessary edge that they always fight for. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, quality issues have always been a big concern for the brand makers as the safety and security of lives of their customers are dependent on it.

Land Rover Greensboro

However, in the Total Quality Index that has been released soon for the year 2017, the Land Rover Greensboro ranks among the top five names with a quintessentially high score in the quality score. This recognition automatically brings up two inferences- one, the buyers judge these vehicles high in the perceived quality, and two, the emotional delight maintained by the brand is true and loyal. The Total Quality Index is being generally measured based on the experience of the owners completely. So the brands are being judged not by just the driving experience that their customers have, but also through the ownership experience right from the first day. Even the service that is being provided by the brands during the repair or regular maintenance service is being measured while the customers judge them.

The Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover Greensboro NC has been successful in receiving the highest Total Quality Score in the near luxury segment and the final tally of the awards won crosses more than a century accolades across the globe. The several grounds on which the vehicle was judged were thoughtful engineering, the image of the model, the exterior workmanship bringing the subtle touch to the beast, the climate control system, interior styling features, and a few more. Moreover, it is the feeling of owning a Land Rover, that has persuaded the owners to vote for the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque has indeed made history to reach such a position within this short span. While the sales are already up by 19 percent, the brand looks forward to a bright future.

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