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Volkswagen Greensboro

Upcoming VW Polo SUV – What To Expect

Stagnancy is something no business would like to achieve, and whenever there’s a product-specific market to deal with, preventing them from evolution will actually lead to stagnancy. Volkswagen felt this fear of hitting stagnancy, and in order to avoid it, they started working on the next generation Polo. They have already assaulted the SUV market earlier and now it continues with the crossover segment as well. They prefer calling it the T-Cross and there will be a bunch of styling features that are going to adorn the new model.

Volkswagen Greensboro

Going by the views of Volkswagen Greensboro designers, the next generation Polo SUV will be borrowing the styles from the orthodox T-Roc. So what one can expect is the full-width grille and the swollen wheel arches which adds to the rugged, tough and sportier look that the brand has always intended to have. Now since the Polo is venturing into a completely new segment, they had to make sure that the model can be clearly distinguished from the rest, and a raised height seemed to be a favorable feature.

The latest SUV designed by Volkswagen has been proposed to be built on the smallest version of the MQB platform, and it is expected that the range of models will start from 109 bhp 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol unit. Apart from the manual units, the dual clutch auto gear boxes will also be delivered to enhance the performance

The unique identity that Volkswagen Greensboro NC ensures will make things more interesting because it bears the name of Polo SUV. The model is expected to be a strict five-seater with a perfect 60:40 so that a bigger cargo volume is being liberated. There have been some apprehensions of how the future models will look like, but there’s still something that’s not possible to know until the model launches in the market. The Polo SUV has been going through multiple tests of how it might look, but there’s lot to it. The world needs to wait till it makes a real-life presence.


California XXL: A Gigantic Camper Van by Volkswagen Beasting Around

Having invested a lot in the luxury vehicle section, Volkswagen now tries their hand in the camper and RV industry. The year 2017 has been quite happening for people as they have already come up with the I.D. Buzz earlier, and now they are all ready to come up with an all-electronic interpretation of the classic minibus, which is capable enough to travel 270 miles on one charging. It’s nothing but the California XXL Camper that has even got a panoramic roof.


The designers of Volkswagen Greensboro has worked on the model for long, and the sleek design that has been provided combines well with all the perks of a van. Those who have studied the model well has agreed to the fact that Volkswagen designed this California XXL, to give some competition to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Ford Transits. However, the regular California Camper Van is not sold in the US market even now, but as the latest model finds a bed, kitchen, and even a living area, it is expected the US market might tilt towards this all wheel drive.

Yes, it is just a concept, but such a concept is indeed a treat. The fixed ultratall roof cap gives the panoramic view for the California, and the all wheel drive Crafter transporter allows the van to have a body which gives 86 inches of standing room within. It’s huge, and the 143.3 inches of wheelbase and 114.2 inches of total height states that boldly. However, the Volkswagen Greensboro NC enthusiasts have noticed the interesting calculations in the measurements of length. The California finds 235.7 inches below the door handles, and 245.6 inches above them, and the extra bit of space that people wonder of, comes from the carved out area for the sleeping counters. However, the Ford Transit still beats the California XXL in dimensions.

The basic idea behind designing this Camper van was to get an usable model that has got tons of space within keeping the size compact. How strongly can it fit itself and rule the market is all about waiting. The thinner the gap between the concept and reality, the stronger the product in the automobile industry.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: First Drive Review

You must have got brothers and sisters at home, some cousins who might be living somewhere in distant places. Does distance matter a lot while connecting with them? The similarity in DNA gives you all similar characteristics and even though you people are geographically at distant lands, you grow up to be of almost similar nature. Are you wondering why such a topic is being discussed especially in an article that has got a conventional automobile Title? Simply because, cars have their own families as well, and the siblings with the same family share similar DNA for sure.

Volkswagen Greensboro

Just have a look at the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf family, and you’ll find all of them sharing the MQB architecture in all these vehicles, but have got a difference in between depending on the specific breed. If you take a close look at your family, you’ll get to identify the pair of studs who have always been the showstopper at any family event- the Golf R and GTI that we are referring to. Your little cousin, who is loved by all in the family, is just the base model of the Golf. And then you have that nerdy dragon as well who has taken the sole responsibility of keeping your family’s head high- that’s the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf we were speaking of. It might seem to be a bit awkward, but that’s the model who keeps the head held high for Volkswagen Greensboro NC.

These nerds have never been short of tricks to achieve what they have always wanted, and e-Golf has got its own, by just stretching the mileage to 125 miles which are generally considered to be out of range for those who have got lithium ion battery. Is this magic? No, this is exactly where you should be aware of the horsepower screw, which Wolfsburg has turned to make identical engines with different outputs. So now you realize why the e-Golf is the nerdy dragon of the family, right?

Apart from the mechanical goodies that most of Volkswagen Greensboro receives, the e-Golf is the first one which received some cosmetic touches as well. Haven’t your nerdy brother worn designer clothes ever? So why won’t the e-Golf? Restyled bumpers, grille, and front fenders, new color options, headlights, and revised interior trim are just a few that decks up to the new e-Golf for a longer race. If you nerdy brother never missed any of the awards, how can the e-Golf?

Volkswagen Greensboro

A Trimmed Up Season For Car Enthusiasts With the 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport

Volkswagen Greensboro

The ultimate motif for any car brand is to come up with models which prove to be fit for a maximum number of people in the market. However, there are very few of the lot, and Volkswagen GTI Sport is one such brand that proves to fit the purpose for most of the people in the market. With only hand counted models meeting the refinement of GTI, Volkswagen service finally makes it possible to help these vehicles deliver versatile performance that turns out to be a fun drive. Obviously, there are reasons why the GTI Sport turns out to be the most obvious choice, and for 2017, the extra trim level makes the category a near perfect for many.

Sitting just above the S model, the 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport really matches the lifestyle of a major lot. While the base model seems to be fine, but Volkswagen lovers are used to a complete range of features within, and it actually lacks a couple of those. As the competition gets tougher daily, the base level falls short on multiple grounds, and hence Volkswagen Greensboro NC prefers moving up to the Sports trim for further consideration.

The GTI Sports trim finds a set of Bi-Xenon headlights, the keyless entry with the push button start available in both the transmissions and most importantly the GTI performance package. The moonroof has been avoided, and the navigation system which proved to be outdated in the earlier versions has been completely replaced. As the moonroof has been taken away, the vehicle has automatically lost some weight and that has increased the headroom with lesser complexities as well.

Earlier, Volkswagen Greensboro referred to the leather seats in GTI models, but that didn’t prove to provide ultimate comfort. So the heated tartan patterned seats were incorporated in the latest GTI Sports and enhance the comfort to a great extent. With all these factors being mentioned, the performance of the GTI Sport should not be ignored at all. There’s a bigger break in the Sports than what came in Golf R, which is completely controlled electronically and hence finds better torque sensing as well. There has been a jump in the horsepower as well, but when compared in the light of updates brought for 2018, this is definitely negligible.

The GTI Sports is the only model which combines both the performance package and cloth seats. For those who only keep performance their key factor, there’s no point looking beyond the GTI Sports.

Land Rover Greensboro

Highest Total Quality Award Brings In A Validated Market to the Range Rover Evoque

With Land Rover earning the third position quite strategically in the Total Quality Index, it pushes the Range Rover Evoque to earn the top position in the near luxury SUV segment. Quality has always been the ideal issue in any product based industry, and a strong commitment to delivering quality service and products have always given the brands the necessary edge that they always fight for. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, quality issues have always been a big concern for the brand makers as the safety and security of lives of their customers are dependent on it.

Land Rover Greensboro

However, in the Total Quality Index that has been released soon for the year 2017, the Land Rover Greensboro ranks among the top five names with a quintessentially high score in the quality score. This recognition automatically brings up two inferences- one, the buyers judge these vehicles high in the perceived quality, and two, the emotional delight maintained by the brand is true and loyal. The Total Quality Index is being generally measured based on the experience of the owners completely. So the brands are being judged not by just the driving experience that their customers have, but also through the ownership experience right from the first day. Even the service that is being provided by the brands during the repair or regular maintenance service is being measured while the customers judge them.

The Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover Greensboro NC has been successful in receiving the highest Total Quality Score in the near luxury segment and the final tally of the awards won crosses more than a century accolades across the globe. The several grounds on which the vehicle was judged were thoughtful engineering, the image of the model, the exterior workmanship bringing the subtle touch to the beast, the climate control system, interior styling features, and a few more. Moreover, it is the feeling of owning a Land Rover, that has persuaded the owners to vote for the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque has indeed made history to reach such a position within this short span. While the sales are already up by 19 percent, the brand looks forward to a bright future.


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Volkswagen’s New Style Maker : 2018 Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen has been known for making the stylish four-door coupes, and the first one to crack into it and come up with an increasing ubiquitous stylish Sedan was the Volkswagen CC. The age of the model shows its continuity, and for almost a decade the CC has been the heart of Volkswagen service. Almost after a decade, they have thought of bringing some change, and its just in the name.

Volkswagen service

The coming year will find Volkswagen CC in the name of Arteon and they have already released a handful of sketches which will show how the models have enhanced the styling. Complying with the styling and performance of Volkswagen CC, the Arteon actually looks much longer than the Passat Sedan which falls in the same group. There has been definitely some changes, and Volkswagen Greensboro claims the Arteon will be a hatchback instead of the Sedan which was CC. This particular change in plan has actually increased the usability factor. The CC had just a tiny trunk which could hardly make itself operational enough, but with the increase in length, one will definitely find some extra cargo space keeping the sleeker profile in touch.

To keep a grasp over the market, the Arteon in the US market will find a four cylinder turbocharged gas engine, along with the dual clutch automatic transmission that Volkswagen Greensboro NC provides to many. Volkswagen earlier had already provided a stick shift option in the CC, but whether the Arteon will find it or not is still under scrutiny and hopefully will remain a surprise for the brand enthusiasts. However, Arteon receives a much more premium position than the CC in the market, and that gives the model an edge over the rest.

Looks has always been a no-compromise zone for Volkswagen and the powerful haunches over the rear wheels keep the aesthetic feel. It is definitely going to be a front wheel drive and just like CC offered the all wheel drive option, even Arteon is going to provide the same. With some competitive pricing, Volkswagen Arteon is just a matter of time to be a big hit for the market.

Volkswagen Greensboro

Enhancing Touareg for a Better Ride Experience on Road

Volkswagen has always been one of the most sought after brands for car enthusiasts as the bold and stylish moves that the brand has shown in each of their models have been quite enthralling. Since the vulnerability of the automobile industry has already been proved, most of the brands try to keep up with the pace by updating their models thoroughly. As far as the luxurious SUVs for the year is concerned, the Volkswagen Touareg is a must look at. With a completely renovated interior, powerful engine options, high towing capacity and smoother handling, it poses a strong competition too much on the line.


Cars look lovely when they’re colorful. Available in nine bold colors, the Touareg seems to fit the unique style of all the car lovers. Apart from the amazing spectrum of colors that come handy, the 2017 Touareg has even got panoramic sunroof extending back on the rear seats as well, helping the riders to gaze over the beautiful scenery. The latest incorporation for Volkswagen Greensboro has been the Area View mode which utilizes all the four cameras on either side of the vehicles enabling a bird’s eye view for the driver. Since the crowd in the cities are increasing every single day, parking space gets clumsy, and this Bird View technology actually helps to park the vehicles in these tight spaces.

Apart from this, the latest development actually helps in seeing the cross traffic at intersections and determine when to wait for few seconds to make the difference. If you’re going for a premium luxury vehicle, there must be something than is not available with anyone at random, and Touareg from Volkswagen Greensboro NC makes sure to do it with their safety features. The Adaptive Cruise Control technology helps the vehicle to stay at a particular distance from the vehicle speeding ahead, and this can be pre-set. While riding on the highways, there’s a tendency for most of the vehicles to veer over other lanes, and it is the Lane Assist that helps Touareg to give alert to the drivers and set back on the track.

Scheduling a test drive will actually help to get the feel of all that has been discussed above because words cannot describe every feeling. So grab an opportunity with your nearest dealer at Greensboro, and know what a Touareg feels like on road.

How Servicing Your Volkswagen Ahead Of Your Trip Will Help It Go Smooth

Summer is round the corner, and everyone is super excited to make their vacation plans. It is time to start making the arrangements. It indeed takes a huge list of must do things to ensure that the planned vacation goes perfectly. So be it the beach, or making plans to escape it, the Volkswagen Greensboro will be your ride, and keeping it serviced before starting on the journey should be at the top of your priority list.


It is quite easy to say that there won’t be anything relaxing about spending time and money with the mechanics. As a result of this, Volkswagen owners always prefer working with certified body shops so that their technicians take the responsibility of dealing with service and maintenance issues. There are several body shops that offer comprehensive inspection with the efficient personnel for Volkswagen service. Right from the engine oil and lights, all the separate parts goes thorough check to ensure uninterrupted performance on roads.

Apart from this, one needs to make sure that the tire pressure on the vehicle is up to the manufacturer standards. Having full tires will not only prevent unnecessary expenses on the emergency replacement but will also ensure the protection of the family on road by preventing the sudden blowout in the mid of the trip. Most of the body shops in Greensboro offer online booking for appointments which enhances the convenience. One is ensured to have no problems keeping the Volkswagen in great shape for thousands of miles to run.

What one will find while scheduling the service appointments is an easy and direct way to provide all the information about Volkswagen vehicles so that the technicians can jump start on what they’ll be looking at when the vehicle is being tagged along. Since the car’s complete information will be already added to the database, all future appointments will get much easier. In most of the cases, the problems are best realized by the individuals in the driver’s seat, and their experience being shared will help in diagnosing and fixing the problems which otherwise might get unnoticed.

With the entire process getting easy day by day, servicing the Volkswagen might not be a big deal. So make sure it is all pepped up to take you ahead to your destination for a wonderful vacation.

Four 2017 VW Models Earn Top Safety Pick

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has chosen four Volkswagen models this year to award. Four 2017 Golf models scored high in terms of safety pick, while 2017 Jetta was awarded the highest honor: a Top Safety Pick + Rating.

The four models are the Golf Alltrack, Golf 4-door, Golf SportWagen, and Golf GTI 4-door. All these models come equipped with Front Assist, therefore, truly earned the Top Safety Pick award. The 2017 Golf Alltrack version of Volkswagen’s Golf SportWagen has scored a five star overall crash-test rating awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The all wheel drive Alltrack wagon model will go on sale this fall as part of the newly facelifted revised 2017 lineup. Volkswagen Greensboro experts say, the new model will come equipped with the same electronic safety package, including automatic emergency braking.

Volkswagen is delighted that the Golf family models have received the highest 5 star over all crash test rating from the government. Chances are bright that Volkswagen might come up with some of the safest vehicles in the Industry. The new models make use of numerous safety and driver assistance technologies that work to help prevent collisions, and help protect the passengers and drivers when an accident is unavoidable.

All such crash test ratings make it easier for the consumers to make an informed decision while purchasing their vehicle. Ratings are determined on the basis of a number of parameters. Numerous aspects come into pay when it comes to rating a vehicle. Whether the vehicles feature front crash prevention systems, and if so, how it performs – all such things are taken into consideration at the time of test rating. To assess the performance, points are awarded on the basis of the braking and warning performance in the tests. Vehicles with warning systems only earn a basic rating, provided the system fulfills the criteria set by National Highway Safety Administration Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you own one of these fantastic Volkswagen models, make sure that you take it to the nearby Volkswagen Greensboro NC repairing centers. You are sure to have proper repairing, servicing and maintenance for your vehicle.

volkswagen greensboro

Steps to Take Following an Accident

It’s a fact of life that accidents happen. No matter how cautious one is when out on the road, one cannot control the actions of others. Any time a driver is involved in an accident, there are certain steps he or she should take to prevent problems now and in the future. By following these steps, the driver minimizes the effects of the accident and moves forward with life.

The first thing to do is to contact the proper authorities, especially when injuries are involved. Assist those in need of medical care, when possible, and make sure the scene is secured and all involved are safe from passing vehicles. One doesn’t want more injuries to occur while waiting for the authorities to arrive.

Don’t provide anyone with the details of the accident and never admit fault in an accident. Statements taken now can be used against drivers if the case goes further, so it’s best to be quiet and only speak to the authorities when they arrive. One should take this time to record details of the accident, writing down everything they remember and taking pictures of the cars involved, the local area, traffic and weather conditions and more. Be sure to get contact information for the other driver along with any individuals who witnessed the accident for future use.

When speaking to the authorities, describe exactly what happened. Although an accident is scary, take a deep breath and walk them through it step by step. Did the other driver fail to signal properly or was erratic behavior observed before the crash? Small details can be of great importance at this time, therefore one needs to provide as much information as possible.

When the time comes to get one’s car repaired, an auto body shop must be selected. Many turn to Eurobahn for volkswagen greensboro nc auto body repairs. This provider is known for quality work done in a timely manner and offers a warranty on all work done. Don’t take the car to any volkswagen greensboro provider when this facility is ready and willing to help. Contact them today for great results, as you are sure to be satisfied when the repairs are complete.

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