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Mercedes-Benz S-Class – 2017 Best Luxury Car

Spreading your wings is the best way to show the true colors, and when it’s the all-new 2017 Mercedes-Benz S class, why won’t it? After all, the luxury vehicle encompasses high performance and a longer wheel base which makes the all drive Sedans a treat to watch and also ride in. With more than a century of history and tradition, Mercedes Benz service has always embodied sophistication, the crushing power of the engines, and cutting-edge technology that cannot be matched by any name in the industry.


How many of them would you like to name? The list might end, but Mercedes-Benz would not fall short in delivering the best of the features to all their customers. But as the 21st century progresses, the trend of designing and manufacturing the vehicles have also changed. Nowadays, even cars do not prefer depending much on the human beings on road. The autonomous technology has successfully helped the vehicles be self-sufficient and the S class has moved way ahead incorporating the technologies that make it way smarter.

Definitely a safe and comfortable ride, but the experts at Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro claims that one can feel the thrill that is hidden beneath the accelerator pedal can actually be felt only when one sits in the driver’s seat. The V12 powered variants allow the beauty not just to be quicker, but also smoother even when hitting 60 miles per hour in just five seconds. Of course, the composure in sharp bends come from the standard air suspension that has got the anti-roll technology integrated along with.

Undoubtedly, the S-Class is also a complete pleasure to drive and sit in. It is not only unruffled, but the hand-crafted cabin is serene and the engines give an effortless feel on the way of your drive. Whether you want some convertibles, coupes or even a sedan, this is far more than any rival can offer.

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Your BMW Deserves The Best Service On The Market Today


Expert care is always available when you take your BMW to an authorized center. BMW offers comprehensive care and service programs at an authorized center for as long as you own or lease your car. When you have bmw service greensboro performed at a center, it means only BMW trained technicians will complete the work with genuine parts. Packages that are available can cover maintenance work and wear-and-tear repairs and can last up to ten years. The result of these programs is an enjoyable ride that’s hassle-free without the concern of common breakdowns occurring.

The BMW Service Inclusive Package will cover all maintenance work. This also includes BMW original parts or oil. The services the plan covers are:

  • Engine oil service or top-ups.
  • Standard scopes and vehicle checks.
  • Replacement or service of the air filter.
  • Replacement or service of the fuel filter.
  • Service or replacement of spark plugs.
  • Replacement of brake fluid.
  • Service or replacement of the micro filter.

In addition to the items included in the BMW Service Inclusive Package, the BMW Service Inclusive Plus Package also covers:

  • Replacement of front or rear brake pads or discs.
  • Replacement of clutch if necessary.
  • Replacement of wiper blades when performed during an engine oil service.

Regular maintenance and bmw service greensboro have huge benefits to owners. Purchasing original BMW parts can be costly if an owner is not working with a reputable dealer. Any maintenance and wear-and-tear work will use original BMW parts at a fixed rate and warranty entitlements will remain in force because the BMW mobility guarantee will be preserved. The various packages give an owner the freedom of choice they need and can be transferred to the next owner of the vehicle. This feature helps to secure the value retention and the coverage can be upgraded or extended at any time.

If you buy a new or used BMW, it is always worth checking with a BMW if your vehicle qualifies for a service plan. Even if the car is beyond the mileage allowed, a BMW service center will still give you competitive pricing. You’ll always know up front what you’re paying for so there are no surprises.

BMW M550i vs Mercedes-Benz AMG E43

bmw-m550iThere’s a common expression that many car enthusiasts use nowadays, “M now stands for ‘marketing’”. Essentially, what they’re saying is the BMW’s M Division has become so diluted and focused on expansion that it’s forgotten to make rear-deal performance cars. A lot of the reason for this is that BMW has been slapping the “M” logo on cars that aren’t real M cars, cars like the BMW M240i. Except, it isn’t just BMW, as Mercedes-Benz has begun slapping “AMG” badges on cars that aren’t real AMGs. So let’s take a look at this AutoGuide battle between each brand’s lesser M and MAG variants, the BMW M550iand Mercedes-AMG E43, respectively.


Both of these cars are sort of the baby-variants of the proper, big-boy bruisers. Still, though, both cars are very fast and both have miles of luxury. So let’s take a look at both cars. Under the hood of the AMG lies a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter V6, which makes 396 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. That biturbo engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. So it can get from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, which is proper quick.


On the flip side, the BMW M550i uses a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that makes 456 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. So it’s significantly more powerful but needs a bigger, heavier V8 to do so. That mighty engine is paired with an eight-speed auto and also powers all four wheels. The M550i has been clocked at getting from 0-60 mph 3.9 seconds, so it’s quite a bit quicker than the AMG. However, when it comes to handling, the AMG might have the advantage of having quite a bit less weight over its nose.

In terms of ride and handling, the BMW M550i is really smooth, comfortable and stable. It’s also not a bad car in the handling department, either. However, its near 200 lb weight penalty makes it feel less enthusiastic than the AMG. There’s a bit more body roll in the M550i and it just isn’t as athletic as the AMG. Blame the extra weight of that V8, as the extra weight over the nose will make its front end less likely to bite well, more likely to understeer and reduce confidence it its steering. Which is a shame, because the 5 Series is normally a competent and good handler and, normally, better to drive than the equivalent E-Class.

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2017 Mercedes-AMG GT: How Beautiful Styling & Impressive Performance Works Out?

Mercedes-Benz has always acquired a smart trick which has indeed worked out for them. However minor the changes are, they have given a new name to the updated model. That might not only increase the lineup but also help their audience select their preference with a specific model name. So, two years after the spectacular GT coupe rolled out in the market, the Dalmier group announced that they will be coming up with a high-end drop top derivative, the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT.

Mercedes Benz service

While the last year’s version was simply dubbed as the GT S, this new model has been given the name simply GT. Ask any guy from the Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro, and you would hear the same suggestion from all- if you’re looking for a new car at all that has got a 3 pointed star on the hood, nothing can be cooler than the all new 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Now, why would all of them repeat the same words? Is this what the brand markets as their catch line? Even if this justification is being taken to be true, how can you even ignore the sleek styling, amazing engine and the great performance that the model features? It is the perfect combination of all these factors that have actually made GT, the new flagship couple in the entire range of models that the brand comes up with.

While carrying out some of the research work, most of the Mercedes Benz service centers have identified one interesting fact about the AMG GT. They say that this new model actually picked up its specifications right where the SLS AMG left off. However, there are two distinct changes that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Firstly, the unique gull wing doors that the SLS had are completely gone and replaced with the traditional doors that Mercedes-Benz has always had. And secondly, the entire price tag is completely different. In fact, the GT has completely missed the convertible variant that SLS provided; however, the brand confirms it to be out in 2018 soon.

Performance has always been great for Mercedes-Benz and it needs no special mention. The standard turbocharged 4-liter V8 engine underneath the hood makes bigger power and it has never felt uncomfortable to offer 456 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. If that’s the performance of the base level, the top end GT gives 502 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque.

Are these figures surprising you? Never mind, just check out the brand you’re reading of, and all confusions will be gone in a minute.

Mercedes-Benz service

How Mercedes-Benz Waves Off the Long Waiting For The 2018 X-Class for 2018

Gone are those days when renowned brands used to make vehicles only for luxury because they have realized that it is not just mere luxury, rather necessity to have vehicles for daily purpose. Even the industrial belts rely a lot on the heavy duty trucks to have their stock traded to different corners of the market. Mercedes Benz service realized that serving the luxurious market will not help them strengthen their market under all circumstances.

Mercedes-Benz service

Hence, lands the trucks which not only enable heavy pick up loads for the tradesmen but also ensures hi-tech performance on road as well. But as of now, they have already started ruling and it only gets better this year as the German giants have already revealed their X-Class pick up truck which can claim to be the mist hi-tech compact pick up truck till date.

This time, Mercedes-Benz has waived off the restricted range of models as they want their vehicles to suit all the variant tastes and budget of their customers. Right from the fleet version which will be possessing the vinyl floor, to the premium prestige edition which has got two significant leather trims and an I-Pad display, Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro NC is all set to meet the expectations of their customers belonging to every single stratum of the community.

Experts in Mercedes Benz repair Greensboro NC are highly excited as they expect to find the first automatic braking technology in these pickup trucks which is indeed an important addition. Even the engine choice makes it comfortably larger- the Nissan sourced twin turbo 2.3 liter four cylinder diesel couple up with two different power options allows both the six-speed manual transmission and the auto guise as well. It is the reference of the Nissan Navara as the foundation of the X-Class that helps Mercedes to accelerate the concept into reality and floor the industry with hi-tech giants.

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