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Reasons Why Oil Change is Important For Your Car

Vehicles and engines are undoubtedly complex, but changing the oil is always a constant thing that needs to be done as a standard car maintenance and preventive measure. Even though the oil change depends on a lot of the particular make and model of the vehicles, it remains constant. The engine is the heart of any vehicle and it needs to run smoothly avoiding all sorts breakdowns and complicated damage and repair issues even including full engine replacement.

The total car care experts at any of the auto body shops Greensboro NC share some of the top reasons why car owners must consider oil and filter change as a necessity.

All the moving parts within the engine, like the pistons, valves, and other corollary parts work at random speed under the hood of the car. And as the movement gains pace, the components create heat and if these parts do not find sufficient lubrication, the regular wear, and tear of these parts increases. But before checking out the oil change required, make sure to go through the owner’s manual to check out the specific weight and grade of the oil that the particular vehicle would require.

auto body shop Greensboro NC

Formation of dirt particles proves to be deadly for the engines. As time goes by, and these dirt particles keep coagulating on these engine parts, it can cause corrosion and hence decrease the lifespan of the engines. Apart from this, as time passes by, the oil breaks down, hence leading to the formation of sludge. The only way to prevent these critical conditions is to keep the engines clean and only routine filter and oil change can help remove the sludge particles keeping the performance of the engine at its peak.

The more these dirt particles coagulate, the lesser is the efficiency of the engines along with an increase in fuel consumption. Going by the reports presented by the US Department of Energy, keeping the engines clean can actually improve the mileage of the vehicles by 1 or 2 percent. The figure might not look impressive, but in the long run, it does leave some deep impact on the performance of the vehicles.

Taking suggestions from the expert mechanics at body shops Greensboro, keeping the oil and filter change at regular intervals can indeed keep the vehicle healthy and prevent too much of friction causing harm to the vehicles.


Latest Technologies That Make You Feel Safer Within Vehicles

Indeed life has become costlier than ever before- while the medical science improves every single day to enhance the span of your life, on one hand, the automobile technology gets much more advanced to ensure there’s no unwanted loss of life due to accidents. In fact, it has been proved that cars at the vanguard of safety have actually helped drivers to identify the advanced technologies which they should demand while having the new cars.


Reactive and Responsive Features for Better Control

Adaptive cruise control is the next generation version of the technology that is prevalent in most of the luxury models nowadays. This indeed helps the drivers to keep track and maintain the speed without making considerable use of the accelerator. Whenever any car speeds up ahead or from behind, the adaptive cruise control technology makes the alternation accordingly and allows to maintain the safe distance with the approaching vehicles.

According to the experts from auto body shop Greensboro NC, most of the accidents occur at the random bends and turns of the road. In order to prevent this, there are the adaptive headlights, which helps in reading the maps and illuminate the roads on these sudden bends.

360 Overview- Eyes Behind Your Head

How cool would it be if you can see what’s going behind you? Yes, it is impossible with your eyes, but technology can definitely help you out. Backup alarms, cameras, and blind spot technology help you to have a view of what’s going on the road. Lane departure warning systems keep on giving alert to the drivers the moment you start drifting away.

The world is changing for sure, and it is for the good. There will be much more technologies to assist the drivers, but technicians at body shop Greensboro still believe that it is the driver who needs to be alert continuously. Technology will only assert your driving, but the sole responsibility lies with you.

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Emergence of ASE Certified Technicians- Wizard For Your Luxury Vehicle


The hide and seek game is over; it won’t be any matter of chance to find qualified technicians who will be taking care of your luxury vehicle. No more guesswork, no more treasure hunting, and the entire responsibility is now taken over by the Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit institute that carried out a national program.

They have been testing the automotive professionals every year based on the technological excellence and proficiency. Till date, the figure has already crossed 400,000 and with that achievement, they have been accepted nationally across the industry. As a matter of fact, ASE certification is now considered as a standard to determine the quality of auto body shops Greensboro NC and they strive to achieve it every single day.

As the method of certification is not at all a lenient one, certified technicians are considered to be of premium quality. A written exam with two-year work experience is what the certification program demands and individuals passing it are given the Master Technician status. And just passing it once in your lifetime doesn’t give you the credit to work. A re-test after every five years is considered to be compulsory to ensure the acquaintance of the technicians with the latest technological development.

The repair establishments and the service and maintenance centers, who have even one ASE certified technicians are given the authority to display the ASE sign. All these qualified technicians are being provided with essential credentials ensuring their expertise in the specific work areas. Most of the body shops Greensboro prefer having these certified technicians as it allows them to maintain the quality of service provided to the customers and also help them gain the faith in the industry. As there are specializations in the automotive repair works as well, the certifications even help the car owners to find the right set of men that is needed for the same.

With the technology under the hood getting subtle, requirements of repair and services have even changed. ASE certification is the only way this can be ensured with complete satisfaction.

body shop Greensboro

Knowing Important Ways That Would Help Prepare Your Car For a Road Trip

Most of the people who love going on long road trips are concerned of their vehicles, especially when they have opted for the high mileage vehicles. But most of the experts have commented that it seems easier for the cars to go for these long trips rather than the daily uses where they need to stop by at regular intervals. Agreeing to all these facts, it cannot be denied that a breakdown to any extent far away from home will only make the entire situation worse.

body shop Greensboro

However, a few simple checks can reduce all the chances that you might have experiencing the breakdown in the middle of the trip.

One of the worst things is to face a breakdown on that particular stretch of highway which is not just immensely busy but also has no mechanic shop around. And without a necessary set of equipment, there’s no way you could make yourself and your co-passengers safe. So, most of the experts at auto body shop Greensboro NC who knows the extremity of these conditions always suggest having a kit in the trunk which must include flares, oil, flashlight, extra spark plugs and a couple of essential things.

Few of essential components of a smooth transition is brake fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze and the power steering. All these when works combined will ensure smooth locomotion, and hence it is suggested to check these levels before leaving on the trip. For the longer ones especially, ask whether the high-grade oils could benefit the fuel economy under any circumstances.

Since tires are the only part that would have a direct connection with the roads, braking and acceleration will keep the overall safety in the top most condition. Going by the suggestions from body shop Greensboro, checking the air pressure, puncture and tread wear ensures utmost precaution. Especially for the brakes, make sure the soft pedals are being addressed and there’s a full range inspection.

BMW repair Greensboro

Know Your Recommended Maintenance Schedule to Keep the BMW

Irrespective of the age of any vehicle, service and maintenance is a constant factor that holds true for the performance of vehicles on road. There’s no one who would buy the luxurious vehicles just to use them for a couple of years. The expectancy from these vehicles are definitely higher, but one would need to maintain regular maintenance to ensure the long run. Most of the manufacturers generally provide their own guidelines and these are designed to keep all the individual parts functioning properly.

BMW repair Greensboro

As far as BMW repair Greensboro is considered, there is definitely a time frame depending on the particular model. Generally, the guideline that is being followed nowadays is for the models post 1999. Most of the older models have got long periods in between specific kinds of inspection and hence, the process gets complicated. Going by the factory trained guidelines will ensure the best maintenance program of these luxury vehicles.

BMW Intermediate Oil Service- Even though this is the most common of all service, this is even the cheapest of all service. It is the Service Interval System which will let the owners know when it is the correct time to change the oil. But going by the normal standards, a BMW needs to change the oil after every 5000 to 10000 miles.

BMW Oil and Safety Service- This particular service would include the change of oil along with filter and also a safety check of these luxury vehicles including the brakes, indicators, the rubber belts and even the suspension components that would enhance the performance on road. Apart from these, the technicians are meant to check the leak of fluids, the wipers, wiper fluids and also the dashboard warning lights.

The BMW Inspection Phase 2- These are generally the major services at body shops Greensboro and is recommended to be done by only the industry experts. For the models manufactured in between 1986 and 1998, the major services are meant to be done after the vehicle runs 40,000 and 80,000 miles. For the models that came in the market since 1999, it is generally recommended to be done after 120,000 miles.

Most of the BMW enthusiasts recommend following these servicing tips at regular interval to enhance the endurance of the BMW vehicles. However, there are factors like driving style, the budget and personal preference which plays a major role in taking the vital decision.

auto body shop Greensboro NC

Why Is It Suggested to Choose A Local Auto Body Repair Center Carefully

While you’ve been behind the wheels, it is evident that you’ve faced some minor crashes, and got too worried about the fender bender on your new vehicle. The smartest way to deal with such conditions is to steer your vehicle to the expert hands dealing with such repair issues at an auto body shop Greensboro NC. Since the number of these auto body repair centers are ample, it gets utterly confusing for one to choose which one would be the best choice.

auto body shop Greensboro NC

In order to clear the confusion, there are some tips that have been provided by the National Auto Body Council and they believe it will help choosing a trustworthy shop and even save some hard earned dollars on the repair works. Knowing the safest way to settle the disputes will definitely enhance the experience of the consumers and they have been working rigorously on it.

Facing a car accident is stressful in itself, and then there’s an added trouble of dealing with the insurance companies. If the hassle of getting it repaired from the best repair centers add to this, it gets highly traumatic for the car owner. So rather than roaming from one auto body shop to another, it makes enough sense to go by the standard parameters and make the right choice at the first attempt. Like most of the services provided in the market, these auto body shops delivering Audi service Greensboro and many more have to run a gamut of quality issues. A bit of research work will help you know that checking the registration and certificates will make your search a lot easier. Not only the repair process gets easier, but also ensures that the luxury vehicles receive customized services that are otherwise not possible by random servicemen.

Repairs of these luxury vehicles will definitely cost hundred of dollars, depending on the seriousness of the damage. Hence it proves to be smartest to make the right choice. Even if the insurance covers up, choosing the best independent store has been recommended by the experts.

Audi repair

Audi RS3 Sedan Reveals A Charismatic Model This 2018 With 400 Horsepower

The entire automotive world has been waiting for long since the Audi RS3 Sportback has been put through its own paces, and the wait is finally over as the Sedan version is finally on its roll for the upcoming year. There have been several gossips regarding the design and performance, but a private report shows how the development of the high-performance compact Sedan is on its way. The current figure of 367 horsepower that the Sportback delivered with iron black turbocharged fiver cylinder engine has been shredded and an all new aluminum black turbo five engine has been introduced to allow it deliver 400 horsepower.

Audi repair

Audi Greensboro NC boasts of the 7-speed dual clutch transmission and an all wheel drive system which is comfortable enough to speed up from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds. Even though the top speed has been governed at 155 mph, Audi feels it absolutely fine to increase it to 174 mph for those who want some more speed.

While dealing with the Audi repair section, the experts have proudly claimed that it is not just the change in the powerplant that has been updated in the Sportback. There’s also a widened track, updated brakes, much-lowered suspension than the earlier models, and also a unique setting for the stability and traction control. There has to be something different that Audi needs to provide, and it is the optional aggressive suspension tune along with adaptive dampers that actually gives the added touch.

If it’s your most beloved Audi to ride on, the interior will be the most appealing part for the drivers. The Nappa leather sports seats along with RS logo on the head seats add to the Audi flavor. What Audi gives as an option to all their customers is the contoured RS Sports seat, which will be integrated on special request. Having tough competition from Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the similar segment, Audi is expected to keep the competitive pricing. Even though there’s the lack of the third pedal, Audi never stops to be a fun to ride at.

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Basic Car Care Tips That Would Help Improve Safety and Reliability

The luxury vehicles have quite wonderfully fitted in the lifestyle of people, but in order to enhance their longevity and safety on road, there are some maintenance tips that would help enhance the reliability and safety of the vehicle. Taking suggestions from some of the experts at auto body shops Greensboro NC, here’s the list of preventive care tips that must be taken.

Checking the Oil, Filters, and Fluids

When the vehicles are refilled every time, the oil level should be checked every single time. In order to enhance the engine life, the oil should be changed as mentioned in the owner’s manual. As for standard figures, it must be checked after every 3000 miles or for a time period of three months. Apart from oil, there are several other fluids, depends upon which is the performance of vehicles. Naming a few of them are the brake, transmission, power steering, coolant, and windshields water fluids which should be checked at a regular interval.

body shop Greensboro

Once the oil level and all fluids have been done away with, the next thing to look after is the hoses. Since they are brittle and have high chances of breaking at any point, experts suggest having a thorough check at them. There are V-belts and serpentine belts as well depending upon which is the looseness and condition. Often these belts get cracked, frayed, glazed, or have chances of wearing out, but they need to be replaced in between 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles.

Brakes are quintessential as they will make sure your vehicle stops just when it’s needed- hence they need to be changed every year. Make sure you have brake linings, rotor sand drums inspected every time the oil has been changed. Other particular criteria that car owners are aware of is the condition of the battery. A dried out battery has chance of bringing your car to complete halt in the mid of your ride. Tag your vehicle to the most reputed body shop Greensboro to make sure the battery is being perfectly mounted. If the battery has been mounted for more than three years, it should be tested and the replacement must be brought into consideration.

While these are some of the major areas to look after, there are even some crucial minor checks, like inspecting the steering, the pressure of tires and even the interior and exterior lights. There are consumer education panels prepared by these body shops to make sure the owners know when to deal with the critical problems. Safety is always in your own hand and the best practice should be carried out.

Auto Parts You Need to Check Regularly in Order to Conserve Gas

Those who own vehicles are found to complain about one thing, the money spent on gas. Fuel efficiency has always been a major concern for the car owners, and they keep hunting for the best practices that will ensure them the best mileage. Whenever the consumers bother about fuel efficiency, they have a belief that it is the changes in driving habits that will make them save more fuel. Although there’s no denying the fact that these driving habits will definitely, the experts from auto body shops in Greensboro are of the opinion that there are some key vehicle parts which will make the significant impact.

The Mass Airflow Sensor

As far as the fuel efficiency is concerned, this is the most important of all auto parts, and every owner must be familiar with its functioning. It allows the flow of engine and finds its position in between the throttle plate and air cleaner. Faulty Mass Airflow Sensors can be identified through the trouble codes, and once it is being done, one can purchase them online. The best thing about this part is it can be easily replaceable to find a permanent solution.

The Oxygen Sensor

This ranks second in the list of important equipment which would leave an impact on the mileage. When a vehicle has already covered 100,000 miles, experts believe that the O2 Sensor needs to be replaced. While some of the vehicles manufactured after 1995 have got a pair of O2 sensors installed in the exhaust, a few of them have got even four. The amount of fuel that will be injected is based on the O2 signal that comes from the Sensor 1.

Air Filter

Dirty air filters are accused of reducing the fuel economy, and this problem is noted in the older vehicles. As the car ages more than a decade, body shops in Greensboro ask the car owners to take some special care about the air filters. This is probably one of the easiest of all DIY tasks involved in car maintenance. Making cars fuel efficient is completely in the hands of owners, and the more frequent they check on it, lesser is the expense.

Why Audi Supersedes All Other Brands For The Used Vehicle Market?

Every human being in this world dreams of owning a luxury vehicle in their life. Owning a nice car  is considered as comforting. However, one needs to be highly careful even while purchasing a car, since the economic trail down has already begun, and there’s nothing wrong in having a used luxury vehicle which still gives some considerable figures on road. As far as the American used car market is concerned, there could be no better to own one of the renowned brands in your garage. The flexibility and wide range of choices that the automobile market provides are the best, but one must check some necessary credentials from the certified auto body shop Greensboro NC to ensure the reliability of the vehicles.


Trust is exactly the point where Audi wins the race with all other competitors in the market. It has got a command over the brand name and has earned the respect across the globe. The maintenance criteria of Audi, along with the reliable engine and service that it provides to all its dedicated customers spread well across, make it one of the best vehicles to buy. For those who hunt for quality used vehicles in the market, there could be no better choice than the Audi.

Compared to the rest of the competitors in the market, the Audi service Greensboro promises all the customers vehicles which highly fuel efficient and brings in a feel good factor for the riders as well since the minimum amount of pollution is what makes it the best. Integrated with the 4 wheels anti-lock brake, anti-slip regulation and a lock in differential system, Audi poses to claim the strongest and most reliable braking system which will enhance the safety factor on road as well. In order to stress the safety issue of the customers, they have even integrated their models with power locks and dream locks along with high range power systems so that they can be prevented from theft.

What makes them the most reliable, is even when one goes to buy a used Audi, the particular vehicle has to go through a series of stringiest tests before being delivered to the owner. A series of maintenance service, like that of Audi Assistance and Guarantee, is even ensured to all the used car buyers which are stemmed with state of the art technology. Weigh the value well before you close down on a brand before you make the most significant investment of your life.

How Servicing Your Volkswagen Ahead Of Your Trip Will Help It Go Smooth

Summer is round the corner, and everyone is super excited to make their vacation plans. It is time to start making the arrangements. It indeed takes a huge list of must do things to ensure that the planned vacation goes perfectly. So be it the beach, or making plans to escape it, the Volkswagen Greensboro will be your ride, and keeping it serviced before starting on the journey should be at the top of your priority list.


It is quite easy to say that there won’t be anything relaxing about spending time and money with the mechanics. As a result of this, Volkswagen owners always prefer working with certified body shops so that their technicians take the responsibility of dealing with service and maintenance issues. There are several body shops that offer comprehensive inspection with the efficient personnel for Volkswagen service. Right from the engine oil and lights, all the separate parts goes thorough check to ensure uninterrupted performance on roads.

Apart from this, one needs to make sure that the tire pressure on the vehicle is up to the manufacturer standards. Having full tires will not only prevent unnecessary expenses on the emergency replacement but will also ensure the protection of the family on road by preventing the sudden blowout in the mid of the trip. Most of the body shops in Greensboro offer online booking for appointments which enhances the convenience. One is ensured to have no problems keeping the Volkswagen in great shape for thousands of miles to run.

What one will find while scheduling the service appointments is an easy and direct way to provide all the information about Volkswagen vehicles so that the technicians can jump start on what they’ll be looking at when the vehicle is being tagged along. Since the car’s complete information will be already added to the database, all future appointments will get much easier. In most of the cases, the problems are best realized by the individuals in the driver’s seat, and their experience being shared will help in diagnosing and fixing the problems which otherwise might get unnoticed.

With the entire process getting easy day by day, servicing the Volkswagen might not be a big deal. So make sure it is all pepped up to take you ahead to your destination for a wonderful vacation.

What Might Be The Problem if There Is a Need For Automotive Heating Repair

Performing an automotive heating repair can be little tricky as the process involves a number of steps leading to the system to restore its functionality. However, the entire process can be quite time consuming, since you have to engage expert technicians who will have to go in and inspect various elements and test them to detect the source of the problem. To get the problem fixed, you can seek the expert service from auto body shop repair center through online. Simply bring your car to them at auto body shop Greensboro NC for an automotive heating repair. You know you will get an honest assessment and a fair price for the work to be done on your Audi car to get it running smoothly.


Sometimes a simple fluid check might be required to resolve the heating problem. If your car runs short of coolant, the heater will stop working. However, if your car does not have enough coolant, that often indicates there is a leak or a loose pipe or crack or something of that sort that might have led your car to leak coolant.

More often than not, the heating problem occurs at the core of the heater, which can be expensive to replace and is difficult to get to. Other common problems include the malfunctioning of blower fan or a thermostat that is malfunctioning or other elements that are not allowing the engine to properly heat up.

The next thing is important to check is whether or not the heater core is getting hot water flow. The expert technicians make use of the tools and equipment to go deeper into the diagnoses of the control head’s function and diagnoses.

If you are looking for Audi service Greensboro, bring your car to your nearest auto shop and body shop repair center. The experts technicians can diagnose the problem, get it fixed, and get you back on the road in a timely manner. Regular maintenance is imperative on the vehicle. Also have the coolant levels and other components properly checked to ensure that they are all working properly and hopefully preventing problems from coming up.

Getting to Know Your Vehicle’s Exterior Sensors

As much time as you spend taking care of your car, you get the opportunity to learn more about the vehicle. It is important to have a comprehensive idea about idea about car, especially its exteriors as it keeps you safe on the road.

Considering the aspect of safety, many vehicle makes and models out there now come standard with safety features in the form of exterior sensors. These exterior radars and sensors give signals when objects get into your blind spots. Don’t forget check out the brakes of your system.

Majority of makes and models out there come equipped with these advanced safety features and are sold under various trade names, note auto body shop Greensboro NC experts. This means, each system’s potential and functionality will vary depending on manufacturer and model. Let’s take a closer look at the vehicle’s exterior sensors.

Blind Spot Detection:

In general, blind spot warning systems consist of radars or cameras that scan the areas of the road beyond visibility. They capture the objects that are missing from your mirrors. When they detect someone or something, an icon near the side view mirror lights up and alerts you.

Cross Traffic Alert:

Slightly different from blind spot detection, cross traffic alert is to found both at the front and the back of the vehicle, with radar sensors on both sides of front and the rear bumper. Once you throw your vehicle into reverse, it kicks into high-gear, examining hazards coming at you from the sides.

Lane Change Assistance:

Much like blind spot detection, lane change assistance makes use of radar sensors to actively scan the blind spots at the back, note body shop Greensboro experts. When you are traveling at a certain speed, lane change assistance kicks in when it senses a vehicle rapidly coming at you.

Lane Departure Warning:

It also works like smartphone using a camera and detection processing software in order to detect lane marker and monitor the distance.

Parking Assistance:

Those who know how to drive must admit how parking is pretty much worst of it. This is why parking assistance has been around for longer than the other sensors on this list. It warns the drivers about the obstacles while parking. These systems usually make use of electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensor that can identify objects.

Summer Check up! An #overheating #engine

Summer Check up!

An #overheating #engine is one of the worst things for your car! Make sure all your fluids are topped!
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Auto Body Repair at Eurobahn auto body shop serving Greensboro, NC 27409

The auto body repair shop at Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409 fixes major and minor dents on your BMW M6. Some aftermarket auto body parts can hurt your crash test rating and structural integrity in an accident. A good percentage of aftermarket body parts are not made from the same quality materials as the manufacturers. In an accident, they might not provide you with the stability the original part will provide. The Eurobahn auto body repair shop ensures you have the best quality parts that are put through rigorous safety tests. With Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409, the result is a safer vehicle.

The bottom line is that your car’s body is the first line of defense in an accident. Each part from the manufacturer is made to work together in the event of a collision to keep you safe. At Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409, we make sure your BMW M6 looks great, but more importantly, feels safe. The Eurobahn auto body shop team is waiting to give your BMW M6 a new look.

The auto body repair shop at Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409 auto body shop greensboro well make your car like new. to make your BMW M6 look shiny, sleek, and safe. We have one of the fastest repair shops serving the Greensboro, nc area. The auto body team in our repair shop will take care of your car’s exterior cosmetics carefully and efficiently.

The auto body repair shop at Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409 will provide you with new and safe BMW parts. We will repair your BMW M6 in a timely manner, and we want to keep your auto body repair costs to a minimum. We understand that getting new auto body parts is a big expense and entrusting a team with your car is not something you should take lightly.

We know you have lots of choices as to whom you trust with your car’s safety. The Eurobahn auto body repair team gives you one of the best deals for a quality job serving the Greensboro, nc area. If an auto body part isn’t installed properly, your safety could be at risk. Eurobahn BMW does not want you second-guessing whether or not you made the right choice. We want you to think about your great experience with the Eurobahn auto body shop team every time you look at your BMW M6. Schedule an appointment today with our Body Shop department at Eurobahn Auto Body repair serving Greensboro, NC 27409.

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