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5 Benefits of Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Some vehicle owners think that because they’ve leased or bought a car in excellent condition, that it’s not necessary to have regular Greensboro BMW service. However, even a BMW in immaculate condition needs maintenance to continue working properly. Here, BMW owners can learn why it’s important not to ignore service warning lights and why they should bring their vehicles in for scheduled service.


Poor maintenance causes hundreds of accidents each year. While many people blame these crashes on dangerous driving, accidents often happen because of worn tires and brakes, bad windshield wipers and exhaust buildup. With regular service at a BMW dealer, owners can keep themselves, other motorists, their cars and their families safe.

Increased Reliability and Performance

Most BMW owners are uncompromising as far as vehicle service is concerned, and it can pay dividends regarding reliability. When owners pay extra attention to a car’s oils, vital fluids and mechanical parts, they can reduce wear and tear—and keep their vehicles on the road longer.

Lower Ownership Costs

While it may seem strange, spending more on service for a Greensboro BMW can help lower the cost of ownership. With routine maintenance, owners can avoid major malfunctions and lower overall costs, as many large-scale issues are easily identifiable and preventable.

Higher Resale Value

Many buyers of pre-owned BMWs are insistent on knowing the vehicle’s service history, and they invest a substantial amount of effort in finding well-maintained vehicles. By keeping good records and getting regular service, owners can document a vehicle’s maintenance history. With all other things being equal, buyers pay more for vehicles that have been properly maintained.

Fewer Roadside Emergencies

There are few things more frustrating than being stranded at the roadside with an inoperable vehicle, particularly when the driver has somewhere important to go. Scheduled maintenance ensures a vehicle’s reliability, and it keeps BMW owners from paying more for rental cars, towing and hotels when there’s a problem.

Regular maintenance has a variety of benefits, as shown above. However, many people underestimate its importance. In consideration of the advantages listed here, call a local BMW dealer today to schedule service.

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