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8-speed automatic transmission steptronic
Innovative 8-speed automatic transmission technology. And comfort that gives you the savings. Not only soft and low noise. But it also helps to save fuel efficiently. This can be touched by intelligent gears. With all models. The engine rises up or down rhythmically and continuously. Indicates the mobility. And the smoothness of the 8-speed automatic transmission. Transmission with gear up to 8 gear that increase the amount of gear. This will reduce the variance of gear change. Each rhythm and gloomy almost never felt. While gearing The engine is ordered to work in gear that is suitable for the machine cycle. With maximum horsepower and torque all the time. The maximum power at the end of the fuel. Works in conjunction with intelligent electric clutch. Designed to reduce engine rpm. At high speed Have full capacity Less noise in the cabin. And more fuel-saving.

ECO PRO mode.
ECO PRO Mode that adjusts the working parameters. Of all systems intelligently For maximum savings and value. Such as the response of the accelerator. Gear shift And air conditioning Just press the ECO PRO Mode ECO PRO mode. The system will adjust the value of the system. Fuel economy, but also driving efficiency. When ECO PRO Mode starts, the system will operate on the drive system of the car. And air conditioning systems work effectively. But less fuel consumption. And more than that, there is a screen. Will show how to drive more fuel economy. When the driver can follow the instructions from the calculation of the system. It will reduce the consumption up to 20%. * The system shows the distance. That can be increased with the same amount of fuel. * The average amount of education within the company.

M Sport
With the design standards of the BMW 1 Series sports. And more exciting with the M Sport package with all the details of the sport. Both looks and performance are unique.

What Might Be The Problem if There Is a Need For Automotive Heating Repair

Performing an automotive heating repair can be little tricky as the process involves a number of steps leading to the system to restore its functionality. However, the entire process can be quite time consuming, since you have to engage expert technicians who will have to go in and inspect various elements and test them to detect the source of the problem. To get the problem fixed, you can seek the expert service from auto body shop repair center through online. Simply bring your car to them at auto body shop Greensboro NC for an automotive heating repair. You know you will get an honest assessment and a fair price for the work to be done on your Audi car to get it running smoothly.


Sometimes a simple fluid check might be required to resolve the heating problem. If your car runs short of coolant, the heater will stop working. However, if your car does not have enough coolant, that often indicates there is a leak or a loose pipe or crack or something of that sort that might have led your car to leak coolant.

More often than not, the heating problem occurs at the core of the heater, which can be expensive to replace and is difficult to get to. Other common problems include the malfunctioning of blower fan or a thermostat that is malfunctioning or other elements that are not allowing the engine to properly heat up.

The next thing is important to check is whether or not the heater core is getting hot water flow. The expert technicians make use of the tools and equipment to go deeper into the diagnoses of the control head’s function and diagnoses.

If you are looking for Audi service Greensboro, bring your car to your nearest auto shop and body shop repair center. The experts technicians can diagnose the problem, get it fixed, and get you back on the road in a timely manner. Regular maintenance is imperative on the vehicle. Also have the coolant levels and other components properly checked to ensure that they are all working properly and hopefully preventing problems from coming up.

BMW Service Guidelines – Keeping Your Driving Machine in its Ultimate Shape

For most obvious reason, BMW is called the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. It has got the engines that roar like a lion and a handling breed from the exceptional German engineering. With such excellent features, it is yet to find worth rivals to compete, in terms of performance and power. But even the finest systems may stop working if they are not regularly serviced. Whether you just purchased your first BMW or you have been driving for years, regular servicing and maintenance is imperative to keep the vehicle in good working condition. Recently, there has been slight modifications to the recommended maintenance schedule in recent years. The following information will be helpful for complete servicing and repairing of any BMW model since 1999. The newly drafted guidelines are persuasive and easy to understand and were introduced to simplify the BMW service process.


At Body Shop Greensboro, you need not worry about the quality of servicing and maintenance. The experts possess the experience and skill in handling the job with excellence, all of the technicians are certified professionals who know what to look for. They are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to identify every issue imaginable and fix it duly and quickly. It is certainly comforting that you have a number of places to go to seek the service. Whether online or offline, the technicians are dedicated to provide exceptional service to keep the vehicle in good condition, irrespective of make and model. However, finding right auto experts online will save you time and effort, while you can invest the same in other works.

The latest models will notify you with a flashing red “service needed” light which indicates that the system requires servicing and maintenance. As a rule of thumb, it is ideal to bring your vehicle in every 10, 000 miles or every 12 months to your nearest BMW service Greensboro NC center. The experts will duly diagnose the issues and troubleshot them as quickly as possible. Safety and oil service is also essential. Be sure to have the tyre examined before going for a long trip. Consider the following recommendations from factory such as oil change, oil filter change, brakes, horn, windshield wipers & wiper fluid, indicator lights & dashboard warning lights, steering linkage, engine coolant, rubber belts & hoses, suspension component, and more. Don’t forget to check for fluid leaks. Also check tire pressure.

Why the BMW M2 is One of Our Favorite Cars

The design and idea behind the first ever BMW M2 Coupe was borrowed from the historical roots of BMW M GmbH. The vehicle is an amazing combination of top sporting prowess and classic rear-wheel drive with the precision and agility of a modern M automobile. Front and rear aprons seem to improve the air flow and aerodynamics. The sporty attuned suspensions and dynamic M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-Cylinder Petrol engine are combined to enhance performance.


A single glance is enough to assess its style and statement. The BMW M2 boasts elegant styling to advertise its dynamic attributes. Inspired by models from the history of BMW in motor racing, the new model reveals the secret behind its quality performance potential, remark BMW Greensboro NC experts.

The low front apron with large air intakes is a thing to note. Moreover, the model is characterized by muscular flanks with characteristic M gills. You can’t but admire the model for its exterior. The 19th inch aluminum wheels in familiar M double-spoke design looks great. The low, wide rear with M-specific twin tailpipe exhaust system all play impressive roles here.

Together with porous carbon fiber the center console seems to create an ambiance of rare quality and heady sporting ambition. Step inside, the sports seats will greet you. The M Sports steering wheel feels great on hand and an M gearshift lever ensures BMW M2 drivers enjoy the drive throughout with great command.

The new model comes equipped with the six-cylinder engine under the bonnet of the new compact BMW M2 in keeping with the finest BMW M tradition, while ensuring great driving fun on the race track. Further, it comes with a dynamic turbocharged engine and offers exceptionally linear power delivery across a broad rev range as well, notes BMW Greensboro experts. The distinctive engine sound is likely to raise your pulses. Along with an outstanding torque, a wide rev band is also available – thanks to incredible M TwinPower Turbo technology.

Characterized by M Servotronic steering with two settings and suitably effective M compound brakes, the new BMW M2 has earned popularity once again in the compact high-performance sports car segment when it comes to fun driving.

Analyst: Tariffs would have biggest impact on JLR, Volvo, VW – LeftLaneNews

Analysts have issued a report detailing which automakers could be worst affected by President Trump’s proposed import tariffs.Jaguar Land Rover carries the most exposure by far, according to a Baum & Associates report cited by Bloomberg. With n

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Lad Rover Greensboro

BMW confirms more track-oriented M2 – LeftLaneNews

Following a leak, BMW has confirmed plans to introduce a limited-edition version of the M2 named Performance Edition.The Performance Edition is a more basic version of the M2 (pictured) developed for enthusiasts who want to hit the track on a regula

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Audi tops Consumer Reports brand rankings; FCA brands at bottom – LeftLaneNews

Audi has earned the top spot in Consumer Reports’ annual brand rankings, holding the lead for the second year in a row.The following brands include Porsche, BMW, Lexus and Subaru, all familiar from last year’s top five, though the Japanese marques hav

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Audi Greensboro

BMW future model road-map leaked – LeftLaneNews

A new product code leak has revealed that BMW is working on several new models, including a few hot rodded versions of its current M products.The leak, posted to fan site Bimmer Post, is chocked full of technical details, but there are a few ke

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BMW Greensboro

BMW X1 review – Munich’s smallest SUV is back, but can it beat the Audis?

The X1 is BMW’s smallest SUV, but don’t think that makes it a budget choice, either in how much it costs or the level of quality it offers.

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BMW Greensboro

The Essential Nature of Qualified BMW Repair Services

It’s not surprising that people can get enthusiastic at times about the type of maintenance their vehicle receives. For some people, a car is an investment in future value. For other people, the type of service their vehicle gets is helpful in eliminating problematic and irritating breakdowns. Whatever category a person falls under, if a person owns a vehicle, such as a BMW, one of the most important things they can do to protect their investment is to make sure only those authorized and qualified to offer bmw service should be entrusted with the routine maintenance or repairs of a BMW vehicle.

For people that own older BMWs, these types of vehicles can quickly turn into valuable classics. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that these vehicles have outlived their usefulness. Older BMWs, even those that are 20, 30 or even 40 years old, can still be excellent vehicles to have out on the road. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon drive or it’s using the vehicle to get to and from work, these vehicles are perfect for everyday driving. However, the reasons why these vehicles can last so long is that qualified service individuals handle the repairs and maintenance of the BMW vehicle.

When it comes to bmw service, there’s simply no substitute for qualified individuals. These technicians understand all things BMW. Whether it’s older technology or the new technology integrated into more current BMW vehicles, these people know it inside and out. If there’s a problem with the vehicle or if the correct way of doing maintenance is vital to the owner of the vehicle, qualified BMW technicians should be the only ones handling any sort of work that the car needs.

It’s easy to look at a repair facility as being similar to any other repair shop in town. However, when it comes to the training that a mechanic gets, often times, having mechanics that are trained specifically to work on a particular vehicle is essential. This is precisely what you’ll get with an authorize

Four 2017 VW Models Earn Top Safety Pick

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has chosen four Volkswagen models this year to award. Four 2017 Golf models scored high in terms of safety pick, while 2017 Jetta was awarded the highest honor: a Top Safety Pick + Rating.

The four models are the Golf Alltrack, Golf 4-door, Golf SportWagen, and Golf GTI 4-door. All these models come equipped with Front Assist, therefore, truly earned the Top Safety Pick award. The 2017 Golf Alltrack version of Volkswagen’s Golf SportWagen has scored a five star overall crash-test rating awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The all wheel drive Alltrack wagon model will go on sale this fall as part of the newly facelifted revised 2017 lineup. Volkswagen Greensboro experts say, the new model will come equipped with the same electronic safety package, including automatic emergency braking.

Volkswagen is delighted that the Golf family models have received the highest 5 star over all crash test rating from the government. Chances are bright that Volkswagen might come up with some of the safest vehicles in the Industry. The new models make use of numerous safety and driver assistance technologies that work to help prevent collisions, and help protect the passengers and drivers when an accident is unavoidable.

All such crash test ratings make it easier for the consumers to make an informed decision while purchasing their vehicle. Ratings are determined on the basis of a number of parameters. Numerous aspects come into pay when it comes to rating a vehicle. Whether the vehicles feature front crash prevention systems, and if so, how it performs – all such things are taken into consideration at the time of test rating. To assess the performance, points are awarded on the basis of the braking and warning performance in the tests. Vehicles with warning systems only earn a basic rating, provided the system fulfills the criteria set by National Highway Safety Administration Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you own one of these fantastic Volkswagen models, make sure that you take it to the nearby Volkswagen Greensboro NC repairing centers. You are sure to have proper repairing, servicing and maintenance for your vehicle.

Reasons Why You Should Schedule Audi Services and Maintenance Often

Driving a Audi can be fun, but its maintenance is really a big headache for many. No body really wants to take the trouble of auto repairing and maintenance. As long as the Audi runs well, you will be happy and hardly care about the maintenance of your Audi. Even if your Audi works fine, getting the services and maintenance done on regular basis is must. Regular servicing and maintenance help keep your Audi in good condition and can save you time and money for repairing or changing major parts of the car in the long run. Remember, the lesser you claim on your lesser will be the premium you pay later on your vehicle, remark Audi Greensboro experts.


Be sure to perform regular oil check. This is one of the most important steps to maintain your car. Normally, people don’t keep track of when his or her engine needs an oil change. Old oil or insufficient oil will heat up the engine quickly and it can stop running while driving creating much trouble in the middle of the road. Moreover, it can also lead to damage and trigger other problems in your Audi. Fixing these issue can be a quite costly. To keep your Audi running efficiently and its engine well maintained, regular oil change is necessary.

Apart from changing your oil, it is also important to rotate your car tyres regularly. Tyre rotation helps keep the tyres from developing uneven wearing of the treads. Normally, when you have uneven treads, your car might get pulled and leaned on one side and this can be disastrous. Therefore, be sure to check the tyres on regular basis and make sure that they are well maintained. An uneven thread on the tyres can turn the car upside down causing massive accident and casualties. Check air regularly and fill air in your tyre. Look for leaks and fix it immediately to save expenses for Audi repair.

Tuning your auto on a regular basis is important to save you from a sudden shock and expense in case any costly parts in your car fail. Regular check-up of your Audi will keep you updated on the car and its performance.

1978 Range Rover Classic is Reborn in 2017

Range Rover Reborn is a new installment offering prospective customers the unique opportunity to purchase an original and highly collectible classic Range Rover, directly from vintage Land Rover store in the UK. The latest version of Range Rover Reborn builds on the successful introduction of Land Rover Series I Reborn last year.


The expert team of Land Rover Classic has gained years of engineering and design skill to build the first Range Rover Reborn – a carefully selected 1978 Classic Range Rover.

Every Range Rover Reborn will go through a complete restoration as per the company’s original 1970s factory specification and using variety of parts to preserve and protect the vehicle’s original model. The experienced Land Rover Greensboro NC restoration team will advise customers to choose the best options for base vehicles – in terms of collectability, preferred chassis numbers and unique characteristics.

The base prices for restorations generally start from £135,000. Land Rover Classic will thoroughly restore an initial 10 examples of the original luxury SUV. The first example comes in Bahama Gold. The vehicle is powered by a 3528cc V8 with 132bhp at 5000rpm, 251Nm at 2500rpm, 4-speed manual transmission and a lockable central differential.

The original Range Rover came into market in 1970, ruled only up to 1981 with two-door configuration, when the first factory four-door was introduced. The vehicle retained its style and statement up to the end of the first generation’s production in 1996. It became so popular that the production of the first generation continued alongside the second generation for two years. Finally, the classic Range Rover came into being with such distinguished features that one can easily tell this model apart from its more modern sibling.

As Land Rover Greensboro experts note, the Range Rover has launched SUV sector, which certainly defined the genre of the luxury 4×4 vehicle. Gradually, it became popular among the members of Royal household, politicians, and superstars across the world. Most remarkably, it has managed to retain its most credible position and distinguished legacy as the ‘ultimate SUV’ to this day. During the 1970s, Land Rover’s Range Rover was also put on display at the Louvre in Paris as an ‘exemplary work of industrial design.’

Look Out For All The Great Features in the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is an outstanding executive saloon that comes up with an interior which set new standards for quality and look. The new facelifted version is really top-notch, while the S-Class-inspired technology adds essence to the vehicle. It is not as much of fun to drive as a Jaguar XF, but it’s quite similar in a class where comfort and composure count. The latest entry level diesel is now faster and more efficient than ever, which will be important for business users.


Despite being more expensive than its rivals, the entry level E 220d SE comes in with more standard kit than the likes of the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF. Overall, it’s impressive, efficient an stylish package that deserves the 2016 Executive Car of the Year award.

The Mercedes E-Class is new arrival into the crowded and highly competitive executive car market. It’s competing with a number of talented opposition from established rivals such as Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, as well as Jaguar XF, note Mercedes-benz Service Greensboro experts.

The latest model is highly advanced and it derives plenty of its technology from the larger S-Class saloon. Some styling features resemble that of both S-Class and C-Class Junior Exec to such an extent that they might not be easily distinguished at times unless you are close up.

It’s all about technology in the E-Class that turns out to be the biggest selling point. Mercedes’ Drive Pilot semi autonomous technology and smartphone-controlled remote parking system are merged together to add more dynamism and real-world strengths to the vehicle.

Step inside and you will be greeted with an interior inspired by the S-Class limousine. The latest car comes up with a raft of options, including 12.3-inch cockpit display and high-resolution TFT screen. The touch sensitive steering wheel controls are standard on AMG Line models, while the dash top screen is controlled through command rotary selector on the center console.

Overall the quality is excellent on board, with plenty of plush leather-effect trim and metal switches. The engine is relatively muted from the cabin, and the standard nine-speed auto gearbox comes standard to prevent too much noise entering the cabin. For more life, take the car to your nearest Mercedes-benz repair Greensboro NC center.

Signs It is Time To Get a New Vehicle

Having a car is essential for most people due to the amount of travel they have to do for work each day. Without a reliable and safe car, getting from point A to point B will be nearly impossible. There are a variety of different cars on the market, which can make finding the right one a bit difficult. Over time, the vehicle a person has will begin to wear out. Riding around in a car that is passed its prime can cause a lot of problems. Below are some of the signs a person will notice when it is time to invest in a new BMW Greensboro.

Repairs Are Becoming More Frequent

If a car owner starts to see they are spending more time in their mechanic’s shop than at home, a new vehicle may be needed. While repairs and maintenance are something every car owner will have to deal with from time to time, there is a point when too many repairs will create the need for a new vehicle. The money a person spends on repairs to the worn out vehicle can be better devoted to a newer and better running car, truck or van.

The Car is Look A Bit Dated

In some cases, a car owner will want a new vehicle due to the lack of appeal their current ride has. If the current car a person is driving has paint peeling off of it or a lot of body damage, getting a new vehicle is a great option. A new vehicle will be able to provide a person with the appeal and the functionality they have been missing. Before purchasing a newer vehicle, a person will need to take some time to do a bit of research. Making a list of the features required for a new car is a great way to narrow down the selection a person has.

Finding the right BMW Greensboro dealer is an essential part of getting a great car for an affordable price. The professionals at Eurobahn BMW have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. Visit their website to get a look at the range they can offer.

Getting to Know Your Vehicle’s Exterior Sensors

As much time as you spend taking care of your car, you get the opportunity to learn more about the vehicle. It is important to have a comprehensive idea about idea about car, especially its exteriors as it keeps you safe on the road.

Considering the aspect of safety, many vehicle makes and models out there now come standard with safety features in the form of exterior sensors. These exterior radars and sensors give signals when objects get into your blind spots. Don’t forget check out the brakes of your system.

Majority of makes and models out there come equipped with these advanced safety features and are sold under various trade names, note auto body shop Greensboro NC experts. This means, each system’s potential and functionality will vary depending on manufacturer and model. Let’s take a closer look at the vehicle’s exterior sensors.

Blind Spot Detection:

In general, blind spot warning systems consist of radars or cameras that scan the areas of the road beyond visibility. They capture the objects that are missing from your mirrors. When they detect someone or something, an icon near the side view mirror lights up and alerts you.

Cross Traffic Alert:

Slightly different from blind spot detection, cross traffic alert is to found both at the front and the back of the vehicle, with radar sensors on both sides of front and the rear bumper. Once you throw your vehicle into reverse, it kicks into high-gear, examining hazards coming at you from the sides.

Lane Change Assistance:

Much like blind spot detection, lane change assistance makes use of radar sensors to actively scan the blind spots at the back, note body shop Greensboro experts. When you are traveling at a certain speed, lane change assistance kicks in when it senses a vehicle rapidly coming at you.

Lane Departure Warning:

It also works like smartphone using a camera and detection processing software in order to detect lane marker and monitor the distance.

Parking Assistance:

Those who know how to drive must admit how parking is pretty much worst of it. This is why parking assistance has been around for longer than the other sensors on this list. It warns the drivers about the obstacles while parking. These systems usually make use of electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensor that can identify objects.

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